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Aerial Film and Photography

Commercial usage of drones is gaining steady momentum and has become the talk of the hour, as multiple industries are working with drones as part of their daily regular business functions. At Digital Defiance we use drones for a range of uses within our business but one of the most fun ways is to document views which without an aircraft could not usually be seen. 

Drones can be used to check areas which would usually be too dangerous or just to take beautiful aerial photos of large areas. In the past, these aerial images were captured by aircraft on a fixed flight path and at a much greater height, so they lacked some of the detail that is possible now with drones being able to fly much lower and carry a greater resolution camera. Also having a drone pilot on the ground focused on capturing your Veiw at its best, modifying angles and positioning to showcase all the features that you're proud of. Whether it be for selling a home or just showcasing a beautiful peice of land Digital Defiance has you covered.

Examples of our Aerial Photography

Moorland Road

Tamar Bridge

Beckley Point