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Our 3D printing Service

Our 3D printing service offers a convenient solution for both businesses and individuals who have a 3D printable design and need it to be printed. With a range of 3D printers, including FDM and SLA, we can provide the most suitable method of 3D printing for your specific needs. Whether you are a business looking to create prototypes or a hobbyist wanting to bring your creative ideas to life, our service is designed to cater to a diverse range of printing requirements.

Benefits of Our 3D Printing Service - 

Whether you have a 3D design or not, our 3D printing service is here to help bring your ideas to life in a fast, affordable, and high-quality manner.

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Our Printers

FDM 3D printing uses a spool of filament that extruded onto a build plate in a creates the object layer by layer. It is the more cost-effective method of 3D printing and can be used to make both small and large object that have a good strength.

Pros and Cons
  • Large Part Sizes
  • Wide Variety of Colours
  • Range of Materials
  • Cheap in comparison to other methods
  • Less detailed than other Methods
  • Layered/Non-Smooth Finish
  • Can have marks after support removal
  • PLA - Many many colours
  • ASA - Stronger Plastic with a large colour range
  • Wood Grained 

SLA 3D printing uses a liquid resin that turns solid when exposed to UV light. The build plate is lowered down into the resin and the object is created upside-down layer by layer. It is ideal for small highly detailed objects, however, it is a little more expensive.

Pros and Cons
  • Highly detailed
  • Design Freedom
  • Durable, Versitile and Corrosion Resistant
  • Scalable and Fast
  • Warping and Creep in Larger Items
  • Less choice of colours 
  • Post Procesing takes longer.
  • Solid coloured Resin
  • Transparent Resin

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